Outfit // Jumpsuit

{ September 19, 2014 } 

Just Female jumpsuit; Modcloth sandals; Firmoo eye glasses

Feeling fresh to death in a jumpsuit? Priceless. 

Outfit // 90s Flower Print

{ August 31, 2014 }

Forever 21 dress & crop top; Lip Service jacket; Target sneakers; Firmoo glasses. 

I know, I know — it’s been ages! Summer has officially wound down and I’m getting into the swing of things at a new job along with my other writing projects. 

Besides having a fresh start literally and metaphorically, there’s something comforting about returning to older-but-resurfacing trends. I’m all about short little flower print dresses. 

Anthropologie Giveaway

I’m teaming up with some awesome bloggers for an Anthropologie giveaway. The lucky winner will win a $300 gift card just in time for some fall shopping…and it just might be.

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Giveaway organized by: Oh My Gosh Beck!

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Image via Unsplash

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Sponsored // Don’t Break the Bank Looking Like You’ve Got All The Money in the World

We all want to look like we make more than we actually make. It’s part of having confidence, knowing that you are looking your best which you’re catching the eyes of those around you. Some people have the money and might go shopping anywhere and at anytime to get what you wish, but some people need to do so on a limited budget. So, for folks working a per hour rate but who want the look of someone with money, what could we do? Take these tips as being the person you would like to be, at least on the outside.

1. H&M for the Little Guy

You may think you will need to spend a lot of money on the greatest fashion clothes at the mall; you may think you need to go to the outlets to get the clothes you really think you deserve at prices that fit in your budget. But even at the outlets prices for the top clothing can be prohibitively expensive. The real secret is to see H&M, a European retailer whose clothing looks fancy but is really quite affordable. The standard on H&M clothing might be a sub par, which is why you’re paying less for it, but if you can live with the shorter shelf life around the clothes, you could have a higher fashion appearance for affordable.

2. Accessories and much more Accessories

A very important factor that separates the poor from the rich is the cabability to accessorize. Poor people are only able to afford the clothes on his or her back, whereas rich people can go crazy and outfit themselves with fancy hair and jewelry pieces. If you want the rich person appearance for your low cost, you will get the knock off versions of fancy stuff, such as the cheap Rolexes you can get. Those look wonderful, but cost anywhere from 5-10 bucks. That is the great thing: even though they are knock offs, you can still get them repaired at a rolex service place like so even though their quality is clearly worse, you can still have it last a long time. And they always look good.

3. Try It For Yourself

Have you ever checked out someone’s nice new kind of jeans that is totally ripped and shredded into pieces? Fresh off of the rack, plus it looks like they’ve had them since 1990 and worn them each day since. Yet it’s designer. Well, you don’t ought to spend $150 on a pair of ripped jeans, you are able to distress and rip your own pair of jeans to be in the utmost highest fashion. You only need to rip them in the right places and after that wash them a lot to buy them to look worn and to have the natural fraying occur. It doesn’t require much time for jeans to fray and get that worn look you’re searching for. You can use exactly the same principle in your t-shirts, too, to get them worn and searching vintage and cool regardless of whether they’re fresh off the rack.

Fall Resolutions

While most people aim to revamp their lives in January, I find something especially freeing in the changing seasons. Fall especially represents a sense of renewal for me — turning leaves, crisp air, new possibilities. 

Making attainable goals that can be easily measured is one of the best ways I’ve found success.

  • Meditate two times a week.
  • Write three chapters for my Young Adult novel.
  • Add a pilates class to my gym routine.
  • Have a coffee (or tea) date with a friend once a week.
  • Go to the Whitney Museum.
  • Keep a log of things I’m grateful for.
  • Eat more fish and less red meat.
  • Finish my goal of reading 55 books for 2014. (I’m currently at #40 with The Receptionist).

Outfit // Sporty Spice

{ August 23, 2014}

Fred Perry top; Anna Sui skirt; Vans sneakers; Firmoo glasses; vintage earrings.

White stripes make everything better. 

Brooklyn Baby + Mini Photo Diary












{ July 26, 2014 }

Asos dress; Swedish Hasbeens sandals; Firmoo glasses (tortoise shell); Mini Mini Market sunglasses;  Sephora hair clip; Vera Meat necklace. 

Who needs a reason to get dressed up? Not me. I went a little 1960s with this black and white number, which is a perfect compliment to the Rockabilly Luau show in Bushwick. I’m in love with that duck street art, and the Swedish Hasbeens ain’t too bad, either.