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Great Ways to Reward Yourself

Once and again, we earn the right to reward ourselves.  Maybe you’ve finally earned a promotion that at one point seemed distant.  Or perhaps you’ve finished a project that has confounded and baffled and you’re finally thrilled with the outcome.  The point is, that sometimes it’s okay to treat yourself, to do something selfish and special that will act as a reminder of something you’ve done.  A reminder of someone you’ve become.  Some might argue that you shouldn’t shower yourself with goodies, but the well-timed and well-earned reward is appropriate.  There are a lot of ways you can treat yourself.

A Vacation


Yes, I know that a vacation seems obvious, but let’s face it, if you’ve achieved some long standing goal or earned a lucrative promotion, you’ve likely been hard at work and keeping some less than savory hours.  Not only do you deserve a vacation, you probably need one.  A vacation offers the hard working and ambitious person a rare opportunity to recharge and get those creative juices flowing again.  It’s not only a time to site see and lounge around, it’s a time to remember what you do all of your hard work for.  Really, what’s the point of working so hard if you don’t allow yourself to get away and enjoy the fruits of your labors?  For the hard working parent, a vacation is the best time to bond with your family.  Remember, as much as you miss them, they miss you just as much. 

A Rolex image

This is the perfect gift to give yourself as a reward for that promotion you’ve been striving for.  Rolex is synonymous with success and accomplishment, and is donned by only those who have proven their work ethic, their heightened appreciation and taste, and their ability to separate the good from the great and the great from the exquisite.  That is precisely what a Rolex is: Exquisite.  It is the marriage of meticulous craftsmanship and engineering artistry all in the form of a watch that will make any man’s or any woman’s jaw unhinge to the floor.  One doesn’t simply call a Rolex a watch, he calls it a Rolex.  The rest is just gravy.  You should only reward yourself with such an intrepid piece if you can, they’re not cheap.  However, if you’ve worked hard enough, and you feel that you can comfortably tell yourself that you deserve one, you absolutely must buy one.  They come in myriad styles and varieties for both him and her.  Go online and discover the treasures that they are at certified Rolex repair or thewatchbuyersgroup.com and bask in that promotion.

Fine dining image Everyone deserves to eat the best sometimes.  That’s why fine dining was invented.  Fine dining, to me, means truly living in the moment.  Everything is about the food.  There is a difference between a really good meal and a truly inspired dish.  It is similar to the difference between a watch and a Rolex, but this time it’s all about the here and now.  If you’ve never treated yourself to an excellent meal, the kind that requires you wear a tie, the kind in which the waiters make as much as store managers, then you owe it to yourself to allow yourself this novelty.  You’ll relish the experience, and though the inspired tastes will fade away, the memory will last you forever. 

Hello, beautiful people. If you live in the NYC area, why don’t you come on down to the lovely Greenpoint [my home!] for a bangin’ summer market? 

I’m the Fashion Editor at Greenpointers.com and we’d love to have your lovely faces. Oh, and there will be free nail art and friendship bracelets and white sangria. Do it for the nail art. Or, sangria.

Outfit // Flower Print Shirt Dress

{ July 12, 2014 }

Phillip Lim for Target dress; Forever 21 sunglasses; W/A Studios earrings c/o; Birkenstock sandals c/o; In God We Trust stud ring; Saru Star knuckle ring. 

I never want summer to end…

Photo Diary // Cherry Blossoms & Brooklyn








I finally unpacked my SLR and totally remembered back in May that I saw the breath taking cherry blossoms at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. Even though it was bustling with people — the first true lovely Spring weekend — it was such a peaceful and meditative experience to walk through the gardens. 

{Outfit deets: H&M motorcycle jacket; Vera Meat cat bag; Anthropologie sunglasses}

Eat // Cherry & Lemon Ricotta Pancakes


If you’ve been peeping at my instagram, you’d see that I whipped up (well, whisked) some pancakes. I used this Williams-Sonoma recipe and just added the cherries on top. Result equals immensely delicious. My beau & I felt it was better than going out for brunch. 

One of my favorite poets that I want to share with you.

One of my favorite poets that I want to share with you.

(via richardsikendaily)

Beauty Fix // Givenchy Noir Couture Mascara & Le Rouge Lipstick

I finally treated myself to some new makeup! Givenchy’s Noir Couture Mascara in Black Satin and Le Rouge Lipstick #204 Rose Boudoir. I was in severe need of a new mascara and my mother, a great makeup enthusiast, swears by Givenchy. I was pleasantly surprised — it doesn’t dry out my lashes in the least and separates while coating each little lash in black. I’m also swooning over the Rose Boudoir lipstick. I love the plush rose shade of the lipstick, not to mention it has such a smooth and creamy texture. It sits so lightly on my lips. It’s really perfect for a pop of color in the summer, but I think I’ll wear it all year round. 

Reading List // 6 Books to Check Out

I’m starting a new series and following up on a promise to myself: to read more books. The first six books offer up bite size musings on prose, poetry, and short fiction.

  1. Metaphysical Dog by Frank Bidart — A vortex of precise, brazen poetry.
  2. The Collected Stories of Lydia Davis — The first story really bloomed and hooked me. 
  3. Winter People by Jennifer McMachon — A chilling tale of mothers and daughters and something that lives in the woods… A real Twin Peaks influence for Lynch fans out there.
  4. Doting by Henry Green — 1940s London, infatuation, secrets and the story is written mostly in dialogue. A real gem. 
  5. The Acid House by Irvine Welsh — A clever and shocking collection of short stories with some appearances by Welsh’s more known characters. 
  6. The Lover’s Dictionary by David Levithan — I love deviations from typical structure and syntax. A romance is chronicled in the form of dictionary entries. I read it in one lazy afternoon with the perfect green tea.

Outfit // Killer Colors

{ June 10, 2014 }

H&M motorcycle jacket; ICB dress; Modcloth heels.

Whew! It’s been a crazy month — hence the sporadic and late posts. What’s happened? I moved to a new kick ass apartment in Brooklyn, finished up a long but eventful year teaching 9th and 12th grade, and somehow managed to sneak some fun in here and there amongst the chaos. All while wearing this dress fit for a superhero. 

Photos snapped by my main bestie, Christine, on my iPhone because who knows where my SLR is until I unearth all of these boxes. 

Summer Check List

Today marks the first day of my summer vacation — I’m a teacher — and I’m excited to plan relaxation days, but also embark on meaningful, creative work. I put together a little check list of things I’d love to strike out before September.

  1. Get a massage.
  2. Vacation at Fire Island (for the first time).
  3. Finish my poetry collection inspired by tarot cards.
  4. Be adventurous with my palette and eat something I’ve never tried before.
  5. Host a brunch or dinner party.
  6. Read at least five good books.
  7. Soak up a poetry reading.
  8. See a minor league baseball game at Coney Island.
  9. Take a spontaneous day trip to Montauk.
  10. Take myself to the Met and its roof deck. I’m pretty jazzed for this. 
  11. Eat Van Leeuwen ice cream in the park.
  12. Actually make it out to a PS 1 Warm Up dance party.
  13. Catch the Nicole Atkins show at Prospect Park.
  14. Put my hours of watching Top Chef to good use and make a meal outside of my comfort zone.
  15. Treat myself to a month of yoga.
  16. Catch up with old friends: brunch, lemonade, photos, and window shopping.
  17. Road trip to Ulster County, particularly Bard College and Tivoli.
  18. Watch fireworks from a rooftop.
  19. Volunteer more of my time to shelter dogs.
  20. Listen to other people’s stories.

What are you looking forward to accomplishing?

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