Wishlist Wednesday: Get Organized

Like many people, each year I resolve to be more organized and on top of my life. Being punctual, getting a better night’s rest, and loving life more are all on my radar for 2012. What are some of your new year hopes and dreams?

These are some five products that I would like to help me stay on top of game. Or at least feed my nerdy stationary vice.

  1. Poketo Weekly Planner, $15. I used this planner last year. Besides, it is rather divine since I tend to skip weeks/days but didn’t have to sacrifice any paper. 
  2. Fucking Coffee Mug, $13.99. 
  3. iomoi Set of 14 Pens, $23.
  4. Schooled Pencil Tips, $5.
  5. Fred Flare Aphrodite USB Hub, $29.99. How cute and it’s on sale!
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