DIY - Leather Necklace

I’ve been thinking about statement necklaces lately, but not really sure if I could pull one off. Combining that with my admiration for this House of Harlow piece, I decided to give it a little diy whirl.

All I used was some gray scrap leather, black satin ribbon, and a couple of gold pyramid studs. Oh, and a box cutter, too. Though, a leather hole puncher would’ve have been much quicker to get holes in the leather for the ribbon to go through. I wanted to use a ribbon tie so I can make the necklace short (as pictured) or much longer.

Considering I’m being frugal lately, my necklace cost about $3 to make. A bag of 100 gold pyramid studs costs about $3, a wheel of ribbon was about $3-4, and a bag of scrap leather from Michael’s runs about $6.99, I think. Factoring in the amount of supplies I used, this necklace is way cheap. And I saved myself about $65. (I still want that necklace, though, ha).

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