Wrap It Up: Scarves, Scarves, Scarves

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With the crispy, cold weather rolling in, scarves are making more and more of a wardrobe appearance. They’re great staples for any style - from bandannas to thick, woolly, knitted numbers, scarves make an impact. All while adding warmth.

Personally, I’ve got all these great scarves, but what do I do with them?

How to Style:

  • Pair something silky with skirts and dresses. Think 1960s French New Wave films.
  • Make like a bandit. Tie a bandanna around your neck.
  • Get cozy in winter with plush knits in bright and neutral tones. These accessories match up great against wool tights.
  • Pattern play. Use various textures and colors to bring out your style.
  • Thin, narrow, and light scarves also make great headbands.
  • Wrap the same silk scarves around your wrists for a gypsy bracelet/cuff.
  • Big silk scarves can be tied around the waist for a belted motif.
  • Don’t stray from metallics - they pop, add a hint of jazz, and glamor. I like adding metallic tones when I want to feel colorful but feel a bit too shy to bust out a myriad of bright hues.
  • Don’t be afraid of color! Go for bold and vivid.
  • Vary lengths and widths. Circle or eternity scarves, long and straight, wide and thick.

Here’s some key places to snag some pretty little wraps:

I collect (and make!) scarves from all different areas. It’s enjoyable and really gives my clothing a different twist.

  • Thrift stores. Feeling like digging? I’ve gotten quite a few from here for a dollar or two. Unique patterns and vintage finds alike. Not to mention cheap.
  • Department stores. Keep an eye out for seasonal sales (great for stocking up!)
  • Get crafty! Do you like to knit? Crochet? This is a great place to get your DIY on with simple and easy-to-do patterns. Also think in unorthodox aspects - cut up old tees, dresses, or skirts.
  • For cheap thrills, comb over the junior stores like Forever21 to try new ideas on the inexpensive side.

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