Katherine Kwei & Charmco A/W 2011

Traditional Redux

Katherine Kwei’s handbags have such intricate detail, that it’s no surprise I’m a fan of her latest collection. By combining traditional Chinese knots with twists and textures, old & new are collaborators of style. With a meticulous attention to detail, these bags are fresh and full of flavor.

above: one of my favorite pieces from the collection.

The shredded leather looks punky but the shape is so femme that I’m in love with the contrasts.

Here’s the Chinese Knot bracelet I made at the event! (And with much help, those knots are tricky).

This Charming Girl…

I also had the pleasure of perusing the mother/daughter run jewelry line, Charmco. With it’s delicate charms (I choose a horn bracelet for myself), it is definitely another retro throwback. Think thick and lush gold pieces that call to the 1950s and 1960s - I was instantly reminded of my mother’s own 1950s charms with big and bright gold discs. The charms are sparkly, weighty (in a good way!), and solid. It’s retro lush, but without being dated.

How sparkly & fab!

How cool are these vintage charms?

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