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Source: Lifestyle Illustrations of the 60s, ed. Rian Hughes

Source: Lifestyle Illustrations of the 60s, ed. Rian Hughes

I need to buy myself this book! 

Lifestyle Illustration of the 60s, ed. Rian Hughes

Source: Lifestyle Illustration of the 60s, Ed. Rian Hughes

Photo Diary // Instagram Glimpses


Since moving to my new Brooklyn apartment, I’ve taken long walks and done a little bit of exploring. Some surprise discoveries and some planned, each has brought me a little snippet of joy in my new neighborhood. I’m still unpacking — it’s torture! — so here’s a look into my life from an Instagram point of view. If you’d like to see more, then follow me here

  1. Upbeat graffiti in Greenpoint.
  2. The salmon and potato latke at Extra Fancy is too good. 
  3. I found a photo booth at Renegade Craft Fair. I can never stop myself from getting a little photo!
  4. A view of the Manhattan skyline from Transmitter Park.
  5. Ethereal and awesome silkscreened tarot cards by Jen Lorang.
  6. I stumbled across this phenomenal textile art by Olek, on my way to the Smorgasburg & Brooklyn Flea. A lucky find indeed.

Source: Jean-Gabriel Domergue

Source: Jean-Gabriel Domergue


Source: Terry Richardson.

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays, darlings.Source: Gil Elvgren.

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays, darlings.

Source: Gil Elvgren.

Photo Diary // MoMA, Part Two

Here are the rest of my snaps. Can you tell Surrealism is one of my favorites?

Photo Diary // MoMA, Part One

Here are some Edvard Munch works from a day at the Museum of Modern Art…

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