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Photo Diary // Brooklyn, Road Trips, & Lovely Dresses

Hi, babes. Here are some glimpses of my life through Instagram. Feel to join me in an adventure and follow me here

  1. A selfie with a 1960s inspired dress.
  2. Playing around with some lights and a macro lens in Bushwick.
  3. Gold studded Steve Madden Oxfords.
  4. I spotted the coolest & cutest Vespa on North 12th Street.
  5. Truth in bathroom graffiti at The Brooklyn Rod and Gun Club.
  6. I took a mini road trip up to Bard College a few weeks ago and this one of the stately buildings.
  7. I’m a sucker for a good flower. Tulips, of course.
  8. Close-up of some iron detail at Bard College.
  9. Yours truly.  

Photo Diary // Three Things

With the weather slowly coming around, I’m starting to venture outdoors again. What a bitter winter. I’m so happy to see it go.

1. Tried a new coffee shop in my ‘hood. Konditori is a new favorite.
2. Twirling around in a star print dress. Instead of looking windswept, I looked windblown.
3. Abraham Lincoln street art to the max. 

Photo Diary // Exploring Bedford Ave…









Wandering around Brooklyn and discovering little hidden gems has to be one of my favorite weekend activities. These photos were taken a few months ago — on an uncharacteristically lovely December weekend. While it’s March now and still bitterly cold, it’s sweet to remind myself of the warmth of my neighborhood. 

Some things I enjoy in North Brooklyn:

  1. Spotting a hawk in McCarren Park. Albeit, with a fresh kill.
  2. That kick ass jacket pictured above. 
  3. People watching along Bedford Avenue. 
  4. Bright, vivid flowers. I’m lucky to pass by them every day.
  5. Stopping in at Vera Meat. I later snagged that bag!
  6. Watching. Listening. A good cup of coffee. A delicious brunch.

Photo Diary // Brunch at Juliette






If it’s the weekend, brunch is the meal of day. Perhaps, the only meal of the day. This epic meal can best be summed up in list format:

1. I was dying to try Juliette since relocating to Greenpoint and on a warm December weekend of epic proportions, I tried it out with my friend Christine.

2. That fish sandwich. Those fries. So effing good.

3. Christine didn’t want to be photographed, but she still looked lovely. [And agreed that this photo should be posted, of course.]

4. Did I mention it’s cute? The space is one part cute brunch bistro and one part hidden indoor secret garden awesomeness.

Girl Friday

{ October 26, 2013 }

Oak & Olive blouse; Nasty Gal skirt & tights; Kate Spade Saturday boots; House of Harlow necklace, Firmoo glasses.

I never thought I would love flat ankle booties, but here I am eating my words like a fool. This is my perfect Saturday outfit: a fitted blouse with skater skirt and I’m ready for anything. 

Coffee & Bagels

coffee troost greenpoint

girl bangs long hair retro frames striped dress

motorcycle boots zippers

greenpoint brooklyn skyline

I really try to savor the slowness of a Sunday morning. Bagels and coffee from Troost, provided with lovely conversation and people watching, is a new favorite. I really love my neighborhood and I can’t say how happy I am to live in Greenpoint. It’s the tops.

P.S. Some outfit details, of course: Forever 21 dress; Nordstrom Rack hoodie; tights probably from TJ Maxx; GC shoes motorcycle boots via Alter Brooklyn. 

Short Skirt & Motorcycle Boots





{ September 28, 2013 }

Forever 21 dress; Marshalls tights; GC shoes motorcycle boots; Queen of Hearts & Modern Love sunglasses.

My fall uniform? A minidress, thick opaque black tights, and motorcycle boots. It’s a done deal.

Photo Diary // Brunch

Brunch: the best meal of the week. One of my neighborhood haunts is Jimmy’s, a mix of southern comfort meets diner grub. Laid back, good food, perfect people watching — can’t ask for more in my beloved Greenpoint. I live and die by avocados, so it’s no surprise that the huevos con grits is my staple. 

Hello, loves! Do you live in the New York City area? Love Brooklyn? Are you free Thursday 9/26?

Well, honey, you’re in luck! I’m co-hosting an adoption party at Dog Habitat. Come on over for drinks, delicious food, raffles, and gift bags. All money raised will benefit these little pooches who haven’t found homes yet. Even better: you can volunteer at the shelter, adopt a sweet dog, or foster a new friend that needs a loving home.

$12 at the door, but ordering tix online gives you a sweet discount

Dog Habitat presents Hounds of Love
216 Franklin Street
Brooklyn, NY 11222

Please share with all your friends! And I would love to see you there. 

P.S. There is going to be ice cream and it’s going to be dope.

Photo Diary // Instagram Glimpses


Since moving to my new Brooklyn apartment, I’ve taken long walks and done a little bit of exploring. Some surprise discoveries and some planned, each has brought me a little snippet of joy in my new neighborhood. I’m still unpacking — it’s torture! — so here’s a look into my life from an Instagram point of view. If you’d like to see more, then follow me here

  1. Upbeat graffiti in Greenpoint.
  2. The salmon and potato latke at Extra Fancy is too good. 
  3. I found a photo booth at Renegade Craft Fair. I can never stop myself from getting a little photo!
  4. A view of the Manhattan skyline from Transmitter Park.
  5. Ethereal and awesome silkscreened tarot cards by Jen Lorang.
  6. I stumbled across this phenomenal textile art by Olek, on my way to the Smorgasburg & Brooklyn Flea. A lucky find indeed.

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