Photo Diary // Brooklyn, Road Trips, & Lovely Dresses

Hi, babes. Here are some glimpses of my life through Instagram. Feel to join me in an adventure and follow me here

  1. A selfie with a 1960s inspired dress.
  2. Playing around with some lights and a macro lens in Bushwick.
  3. Gold studded Steve Madden Oxfords.
  4. I spotted the coolest & cutest Vespa on North 12th Street.
  5. Truth in bathroom graffiti at The Brooklyn Rod and Gun Club.
  6. I took a mini road trip up to Bard College a few weeks ago and this one of the stately buildings.
  7. I’m a sucker for a good flower. Tulips, of course.
  8. Close-up of some iron detail at Bard College.
  9. Yours truly.  

Kaleidoscope Girl




{ April 25, 2013 }

People’s Liberation

Lately, I am drawn to light prints like a moth to a flame.* The eye catching print always strikes me as “mellow futuristic.” Add a sleek ponytail into the mix, and there’s my outfit.

* While that simile may be on the more glamorous side, the reality of it is that I’m crazy for it like my dog’s obsession with anything bacon flavored.

Photos by Christine.

Photo Diary // Instagram Trinkets


Hi sweets! Recuperating from a sprain keeps me under the rader lately. Here’s some little glimpses on what I’ve been up to via my Instagram. (@kitschy_

I’m not planning regular weekly recaps (bo-ring). Though, if you’re curious about the more personal side of things in my life, feel free to wander over. 

1. I get bored at train stations. Hello, feet.
2. Greenpoint’s The Habitat makes the best shrimp & grits ever. Now only if it was a regular item on the menu…
3. Getting back into the fiction writing groove. The Kate Spade bag is the perfect size for whatever notebook I’m toting around.
4. I may love to dress up but I love wearing this Motorhead tee just as much.
5. Tattoos prints in Oak & Iron.
6. A singular daisy, so beautiful.
7. Oh, New York.
8. Delicious. Healthy. Salad. 
9. Playing around with a fishtail braid. 

gpoy - peekaboo

gpoy - peekaboo


My hair is looking extra red today. I’m digging it!


My hair is looking extra red today. I’m digging it!

GPOY Introducing Sophie LuLu, my puppy!


Introducing Sophie LuLu, my puppy!

Gpoy. Waiting for Christmas Eve festivities to begin!


Waiting for Christmas Eve festivities to begin!